Cape Cod Shore Fishing

Hilltown Anglers

Cape Cod

July 22, 2023

Cape Cod Shore Fishing On The Fly

When the summer months start to settle in and you’re looking for a change in scenery, join us on the Cape for a saltwater shore session. We offer day and night striper fishing from shore in 4 or 8 hour sessions in groups of 3-6 anglers. These session are great for beginners who may have never been, or for the more advanced simply looking for a new experience.

For almost a decade now I have been fly fishing the shores of Cape Cod with hundreds of trips logged day and night! Though the day time fishing can be productive, the real excitement happens after the sun goes down.

Book a saltwater shore trip the next time you’re on the cape with family and friends looking for a new exciting group adventure to embark on!

All necessary fishing equipment will be provided, though your own gear is recommended to maximize time efficiency. An 8 weight rod with an intermediate line and quality reel are recommended. Waders are optional, neoprene socks and wading boots are recommended along with a stripping basket. Start times very based on tidal timing.

4 hour session $200 per angler
8 hour session $300 per angler
3 angler minimum – maximum 6 anglers