Fall Bear\Deer Archery

November 6th-25th $500
During this season hunters have the option to harvest bear or deer with archery equipment!
Fall Bear/Deer Archery morning hunts start a 1/2 hour before sunrise and end promptly at noon. Afternoon hunts start at 1P.M. and end a 1/2 hour after sunset. Hunters need to have a valid Mass hunting license on them and provide there own bow/crossbow. Hunters are expected to be efficient, confident, and accurate out to 40 yards. Most hunts will be from a strategically placed ground blind or ladder stand (safety harness system will be provided for stand hunts). Camouflage is recommended as it may be necessary to move around undetected. Hunters will be expected to wear safety orange when walking into and out of stand locations! Upon successfully harvesting game, hunters will be assisted with field dressing and extraction. Thereafter the harvest is the responsibility of the hunter.